van Heerden Genealogy

The van Heerden family of the Carnarvon and Victoria West District.

Report: van Heerden Veterans

         Description: The people in our family that did service to kin and countrymen in the various conflicts. We have excluded the incidents that happened with the Great Trek. (Groot Trek)

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# Full Name Person ID First Name Last Name Title Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place Burial Place MLTS: Date MLTS MLTS: Place Notes
1 Air Mechanic Ross R. S. Ainslie  I6721  Ross R. S.  Ainslie  Air Mechanic  Abt 1903    02 Jun 1942    Cemetery (War), Diego Suarez, Madagascar     WWII.     
2 Carel ChristiansCarel Christians  I6720  Carel  Christians      Carnarvon, Northern Cape, South Africa           Unknown.     
3 John Thomas FrancisJohn Thomas Francis  I10779  John Thomas  Francis    19 Feb 1854    6 May 1931  Douglas, Northern Cape, South Africa   Cemetery (Old), Anglican Church, Darcy Street, Douglas, Northern Cape, South Africa     Chief Constable.     
4 L.F.J. Hancke  I4511                         
5 Nursing Sister Beatrice Janse van RensburgNursing Sister Beatrice Janse van Rensburg  I77  Beatrice  Janse van Rensburg  Nursing Sister  22 Mar 1898  George, Western Cape, South Africa   03 Apr 1946  Wynberg, Western Cape, South Africa   Cemetery, Maitland, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa   3 Apr 1946  WWII. South African Military Nursing Service. Nursing Sister, Service Number 308038.  Wynberg, Western Cape, South Africa    
6 Gunner Berend MalgasGunner Berend Malgas  I6717  Berend  Malgas  Gunner    Carnarvon, Northern Cape, South Africa   02 Dec 1941  Egypt, Africa   Cemetery (War), Halfaya, Sollum, Egypt   2 Dec 1941  South African Artillery. Cape Corps, S.A. Forces. Gunner, Service No. C/304984.     
7 Abram Mc CloudAbram Mc Cloud  I6719  Abram  Mc Cloud      Carnarvon, Northern Cape, South Africa           Unknown. Cape Corps, S.A. Forces? KNIGHTSBRIDGE WAR CEMETERY, ACROMA?     
8 Leonie Meynhardt  I9845  Leonie  Meynhardt                South African Police, dog unit.     
9 Warrant Officer (Mrs) Una Lock MurrayWarrant Officer (Mrs) Una Lock Murray  I99  Una Lock  Murray  Warrant Officer (Mrs)  1890    08 Jul 1946  Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa   Cemetery, Rebecca Street, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa     WWII. Women's Auxiliary Air Force (S.A.A.F.). Warrant Officer, Service Number F/263272     
10 Stoffel PieterseStoffel Pieterse  I10017  Stoffel  Pieterse                Unknown     
11 A.S.L. PotgieterA.S.L. Potgieter  I392                         
12 L. PotgieterL. Potgieter  I1244                         
13 L.M. PotgieterL.M. Potgieter  I397                         
14 Lieutenant (Pilot) St. Leger Graham PotgieterLieutenant (Pilot) St. Leger Graham Potgieter  I393  St. Leger Graham  Potgieter  Lieutenant (Pilot)  22 Apr 1924  Vrede, Free State, South Africa   11 Feb 1945  Sinthe, Ayeyarwady, Myanmar (Burma)   Cemetery (War Memorial), Taukkyan, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma)     South African Air Force. 152 Sqdn. Lieutenant, No 207356V.     
15 Sergeant Albert Alexander RileySergeant Albert Alexander Riley  I6723  Albert Alexander  Riley  Sergeant    Carnarvon, Northern Cape, South Africa   31 Dec 1941  Bardiyah (Bardia), Libya, North Africa   Cemetery (War), Halfaya, Sollum, Egypt   31 Dec 1941  South African Forces, 1st Rand Light Infantry. Sergeant, Service Number 28391. Killed in action, during attack on Bardia, North Africa.  Bardiyah (Bardia), Libya, North Africa    
16 Flying Office (Navigator) James William RobsonFlying Office (Navigator) James William Robson  I3692  James William  Robson  Flying Office (Navigator)  Abt 1919  Ashington, Northumberland, England, United Kingdom   2 Apr 1945  Leipheim Airbase, Luftwaffe, Leipheim, Germany   Cemetery (Military), Durnbach, Bad Tolz, Germany   2 Apr 1945  WWII. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 515 Sqdn. Flying Office (Navigator), Service Number 165269, Age 23. Died with Lieutenant (Pilot) Emile Johan van Heerden on 02 April 1945 in De Haviland Mosquito FB.Mk V1PZ249  Leipheim Airbase, Luftwaffe, Leipheim, Germany    
17 Lieutenant Willem Brett St. Leger  I6304  Willem Brett  St. Leger  Lieutenant  Abt 1895  George, Western Cape, South Africa   24 Apr 1918  Ayette, Pas de Calais, France   Cemetery (British), Ayette, Pas de Calais, France   24 Apr 1918  Coldstream Guards, 2nd Bn.
Son of Major (Dr.) Robert Arthur St. Leger (S.A.M.C.), of George, Cape Province. Student at Cape Town, but left school to serve in G.S.W.A. campaign with the Cape Town Highlanders, in which he was a corporal. Afterwards he went to England and trained with the Inns of Court O.T.C. for a commission. Stain glass window memorial in George St. Mark's Cathedral Church. 
Ayette, Pas de Calais, France    
18 Rifleman Louis Jacobus Unknown  I9778  Louis Jacobus  Unknown  Rifleman      12 Feb 1945      12 Feb 1945  WWII. British Free Corps. Rifleman, Service Number RH6857914.  Germany    
19 Brigadier Pieter Willem van Heerden  I9779  Pieter Willem  van Heerden  Brigadier  1900    1972        South African Police. Brigadier     
20 A.C. van Heerden  I3992                         
21 Abraham Christian van Heerden  I3994  Abraham Christian  van Heerden    Abt 1850  Ladybrand, Free State, South Africa     Ventersburg, Free State, South Africa       Boer War. Kommandant Abraham Christian het in die Boere-Oorlog 20 000 Engelse met 300 man stormgeloop en het gesneuwel.     
22 Private Adam van HeerdenPrivate Adam van Heerden  I67  Adam  van Heerden  Private  1894    29 Dec 1944    Cemetery, Maitland, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa   29 Dec 1944  WWII. South African Forces, Indian and Malay Corps. Private, Service Number M/15365. Died after discharge.     
23 A.L. van HeerdenA.L. van Heerden  I3999                         
24 Captain Alwyn Francois van HeerdenCaptain Alwyn Francois van Heerden  I2338  Alwyn Francois  van Heerden  Captain  1893    28 Nov 1942  Indian Ocean - Nova Scotia   Cemetery & Crematorium, Stellawood, Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa   28 Nov 1942  Captain Alwyn Francois van Heerden. South African Railways and Harbours Brigade. Was aboard the S.S. Nova Scotia when it was sunk by German submarine U-177 on the 28th Nov 1942  Indian Ocean - Nova Scotia    
25 Lieutenant Colonel Alwyn Petrus van Heerden  I5175  Alwyn Petrus  van Heerden  Lieutenant Colonel  1960            South African Defence Force. Lieutenant Colonel.     
26 Andries Petrus van Heerden  I2229  Andries Petrus  van Heerden    1871    1945  Barkly East, Eastern Cape, South Africa       Boer War. Rebel.     
27 A.D. van Heerden  I8715                         
28 Captain A.C. van Heerden  I8778                         
29 Air Sergeant (Air gunner) Auret George van HeerdenAir Sergeant (Air gunner) Auret George van Heerden  I6112  Auret George  van Heerden  Air Sergeant (Air gunner)  1922  Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa   30 Oct 1940  Bulawayo, Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe   Cemetery, Athlone, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe   30 Oct 1940  WWII. South African Air Force, 41 Sqdn. Auret died in air crash, crashed near Bulawayo en route Nairobi, in Hartbees #855  Bulawayo, Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe    
30 Sergeant Barend Daniel van Heerden  I4703  Barend Daniel  van Heerden  Sergeant  1895    1 Oct 1922  Lady Frere, Eastern Cape, South Africa       South African Police. Sergeant.     
31 Colonel Barend Jacobus van HeerdenColonel Barend Jacobus van Heerden  I9674  Barend Jacobus  van Heerden  Colonel  24 Jan 1916  Malawi   13 May 1988    Cemetery (Main), Middelburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa     South African Police     
32 Captain Barend Matthys van HeerdenCaptain Barend Matthys van Heerden  I5490  Barend Matthys  van Heerden  Captain  1905    30 Dec 1946    R327 Roadside Grave, Vanwyksdorp, Western Cape, South Africa   30 Dec 1946  South African Police, Captain (Commander?), Service Number 11754. Shot by murder suspect Piet Matthyse while tracking him near Van Wyksdorp. ref. Gallantry Awards of the South African Police 1913-1994     
33 Rifleman Bruce Albert van Heerden  I8591  Bruce Albert  van Heerden  Rifleman  25 Nov 1973    3 Aug 1991      3 Aug 1991  South African Infantry Corps, 7 Infantry Battalion. Rifleman, Service Number 89441992BG. Burnt to death at Vhembi Base. He was sleeping in the kitchen to deter thieves and the kitchen caught alight     
34 Carel Jacobus van Heerden  I1655  Carel Jacobus  van Heerden    1876    1949  Warrenton, Northern Cape, South Africa       Boer War. Oudstryder.     
35 Kommandant Carel Petrus van HeerdenKommandant Carel Petrus van Heerden  I10235  Carel Petrus  van Heerden  Kommandant  5 Dec 1875    18 Mei 1902    Cemetery (Main), Aberdeen, Eastern Cape, South Africa     Boer War. Aan Carel Petrus VAN HEERDEN in leven commandant der Boerenstrydmacht in den worstelstryd voor Vryheid en Recht 11 Oct. 1899-31 Mei 1902. Geboren te Groot Doornpan, dist. Prieska 5 Dec. 1875 en in de onmiddellyke nabyheid van het Godshuis gesneuveld te Aberdeen (K.K.) 18 Mei 1902.
Carel Petrus 1875. Ongetroud. Carel Petrus was ‘n saalmaker van beroep. Kommandant in die Boere-Oorlog. Baie dapper man; het die Engelse se perde onder hul neuse gesteel. Doodgeskiet Aberdeen 1902, Militêre het beslag op sy eiendom gelê. Hy word beskryf as “absconded rebel”. “A Mauser in the War Museum, Bloemfontein, with haunting links to the karoo en three Boer Commandants is part of an Anglo-Boer War display. All the Commandants who used this rifle died in the Karoo – two of them shortly after receiving it. Years later, the man who decided to donate it to the museum for display also died – of a heart attack. On 10 October 1902, Commandant Gideon Scheepers, the original owner of the Mauser, was captured by the British at Koppieskraal (near Prince Albert). He handed the rifle to Karel van Heerden with the request that after his execution it be given to Commandant (Judge) Henry Hugo but shortly after receiving it, Hugo was critically wounded near Beaufort West. He pleaded with his adjutant to return the rifle to Karel van Heerden (by then promoted to Commandant). Van Heerden took it to Rooiberg, A Camdeboo mountain farm about 30km from Aberdeen, where Sara (his sister, married to a Momberg) lived. She hid it in the farmhouse’s loft. On 18 May 1902, Van Heerden was killed near Aberdeen. After the Declaration of Peace, Van Heerden’s brother Johannes Jacobus (Jan) approached the farmer and offered him £6 for the rifle. The farmer accepted. Van Heerden, after waiting two years to obtain a permit to transport it to his farm, Geluk in the Middleburg (CP) district, took possession of the rifle and, for years, used the Mauser as a hunting rifle. He donated the rifle to the War Museum. One day in 1934, after placing the rifle and a carefully documented history of the rifle on his desk, he suddenly collapsed – he suffered a fatal heart attack. His son, Dr. Jan van Heerden (Van Elfen), who now lives in Prince Albert says that his father’s wishes were carried out. The mauser was sent to the War Museum. 
36 Captain Carel Sebastian van HeerdenCaptain Carel Sebastian van Heerden  I1130  Carel Sebastian  van Heerden  Captain  1921    14 Aug 1944  Po Rivier, Italy   Memorial (War), Floriana, Malta   14 Aug 1944  Royal Air Force. 12 Sqdn. Captain, Service Number: 103153V.  Italy    
37 Carel Willem Jacobus van HeerdenCarel Willem Jacobus van Heerden  I5428  Carel Willem Jacobus  van Heerden    26 Mar 1856    11 Nov 1938  Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa   Cemetery (Main), Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa     Boer War. Rebel, prisoner of war.  Ceylon, India    
38 Corporal Christiaan van HeerdenCorporal Christiaan van Heerden  I80  Christiaan  van Heerden  Corporal  18 Dec 1883    13 Feb 1943  Hospital 3 Military (Tempe), Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa   Cemetery (Main), Potchefstroom, North West, South Africa     South African Forces, 1st Reserve Brigade. Corporal, Service Number 65365.      
39 Constable 1st Class Daniel Joachim van Heerden  I1040  Daniel Joachim  van Heerden  Constable 1st Class  1900    11 Mar 1922    Cemetery (Main), Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa     South African Police, Umtata Transkei Division. Constable 1st Class, Service Number 9221.      
40 Lieutenant David Hercules van Heerden  I9759  David Hercules  van Heerden  Lieutenant      1 Jul 1954  Voortrekkerhoogte, Guateng, South Africa    Cemetery (Old No.1)(Military), Voortrekkerhoogte, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa     South African Medical Corps. Lieutenant.     
41 David Petrus van Heerden  I1622  David Petrus  van Heerden    1878  Cradock, Eastern Cape, South Africa   1914  Steynsburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa       Boer War. Rebel.     
42 Rifleman Dawie Johannes van HeerdenRifleman Dawie Johannes van Heerden  I9777  Dawie Johannes  van Heerden  Rifleman  23 Feb 1951    4 Jun 1979  Mpacha, Namibia   Cemetery, Forest Hill, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa   4 Jun 1979  Rifleman, Service Number 67456053BT
Eastern Province Command. Rifleman, Service Number 67456053BT. Died in Shooting Incident, at Mpacha after being struck by a bullet from an accidental discharge of a fellow soldiers rifle 
Mpacha, Namibia    
43 Dirk Christoffel van HeerdenDirk Christoffel van Heerden  I6460  Dirk Christoffel  van Heerden    18 Jul 1888    13 Nov 1975    Cemetery (New), Boegoeberg, Skerpioenpunt, Prieska, Northern Cape, South Africa     Boer War. Rebel under Veggeneraal Manie Maritz.    Founding member of Helmekaarfonds and National Party. 
44 AO1 D.W.I. van HeerdenAO1 D.W.I. van Heerden  I386                         
45 Warrant Officer E.R. van HeerdenWarrant Officer E.R. van Heerden  I3824                         
46 Edwin Richard van Heerden  I3815  Edwin Richard  van Heerden    1876    Abt 1900        Boer War. Staats Artillerie Transvaal. Killed in action     
47 Sapper Emanuel Frederik van HeerdenSapper Emanuel Frederik van Heerden  I81  Emanuel Frederik  van Heerden  Sapper  1917    7 Nov 1944  Italy   Cemetery (Military), Ancona, Tavernelle, Italy   7 Nov 1944  South African Engineer Corps, 41 Harbour Construction Coy. Sapper, Service Number 614601  Italy    
48 Lieutenant (Pilot) Emile Johann van HeerdenLieutenant (Pilot) Emile Johann van Heerden  I13  Emile Johann  van Heerden  Lieutenant (Pilot)  24 Jun 1918  Victoria West, Northern Cape, South Africa   2 Apr 1945  Leipheim Airbase, Luftwaffe, Leipheim, Germany   Cemetery (Military), Durnbach, Bad Tolz, Germany   2 Apr 1945  WWII. South African Air Force, 515 Sqdn. Lieutenant (Pilot), Service Number 328470V, Aged 26. Died with Flying Office (Navigator) James William Robson on 02 April 1945 in De Haviland Mosquito FB.Mk V1PZ249.  Leipheim Airbase, Luftwaffe, Leipheim, Germany    
49 Sergeant Francois van HeerdenSergeant Francois van Heerden  I82  Francois  van Heerden  Sergeant  1916    3 Apr 1941    Cemetery, Brixton/Braamfontein 53-lr, Vrededorp, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa   3 Apr 1941  South African Forces, Imperial Light Horse, 1st. Sergeant, Service Number 31328. Died in motor accident with Justian Dadd & Arthur Bryington     
50 Francois Alwyn van Heerden  I1650  Francois Alwyn  van Heerden    1851    1933        Boer War. Oudstryder.     
#Full Name Person ID First Name Last Name Title Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place Burial Place MLTS: Date MLTS MLTS: Place Notes

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